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English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, power yoga, Jade yoga mat

Yoga for body, heart, and mind awareness.

Breathe. Reconnect.

warrior 2, viabadrasana 2, English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, power yoga

Vinyasa Yoga


Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

Saturday 10:15-11:25 am

downward facing dog, power yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga pose

Power Yoga

Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

1st& 3rd Thursdays:7:20-8:30 pm

relaxation yoga, cobbler's pose, English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, yin yoga, relaxation yoga, meditation

Relaxation & Meditation


Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

2nd & 4th Thursdays:7:20-8:30 pm

tree pose, vrskasana, Negishi Shinrin Park, morning yoga, park yoga

Park Yoga
(Hosted by Yokohama Greenery Foundation)

Negishi Shinrin Park

Saturday 8:00-9:00 am

private yoga lesson, twisted head to knee pose, parvritta janu sirsasana, Yokohama yoga, English yoga

Private Lesson &
Private Prenatal Sessions

At client's home, instructor's home studio, or online

singing bowl, music, meditation, retreat, relaxation

Events & Retreats


Monthly Self Care Yoga

Overnight yoga retreats

Stop for a moment and take a deep breath.


What do you feel?

Energy? Tiredness? Relief? 

If you’re looking for a space to help you

come back to this moment through

physical movement, breath awareness, 

and compassionate observation,

you’ve found your home.

Welcome to Migiwa Yoga Space!

yoga pose, anjyaneyasana, crescent pose, Yokohama yoga, English yoga, ヨガ

Mitsuki (Power)

Through Chami’s yoga classes, I’m able to drop my thinking and connect my awareness to my body. If I start out thinking my foot hurts, or my shoulders are tight, through doing yoga I realize that my whole body is actually tense. It’s a sensation of reconnecting with my body. Power yoga may seem intimidating, but this class is open to all levels regardless of your fitness level. The tatami room that we have the class in feels special too. I also experience joy when I can gradually build a pose that was difficult at first.

yoga pose, side crow pose, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, Yokohama yoga, English yoga, ヨガ

Sarah (Vinyasa)

I attended the class for about 6 months before I left Japan. I wish I had discovered it sooner so that I could have gone the whole time I lived in Japan! The class gave me not only much-needed regular exercise and stretching to counter my long daily commute and desk job, but also new friends and a sense of community. Chami is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had--especially for a class with such a range of abilities and experience! She somehow was always able to make the class challenging and an excellent workout (I was always sore after!) but also never made it feel too hard, or discouraging. She was always ready with modifications to the poses if needed. I really can't thank Chami enough for creating this haven of friendship and happiness for my time in Japan--it was priceless.

Emi (Relaxation)

When I am doing Yoga, I am able to focus on the movement and flexibility of my body. These Power Yoga and Relaxation Yoga classes that I enjoy are a valuable time in which I can steer attention toward myself during my busy week.


To anyone who seeks relaxation and stability, I recommend Chami’s Yoga lessons highly. Her bilingual instructions are excellent; and the singing bowl and music, with her soothing voice and keyboard playing, are special bonuses!


Devoting time to physical movement and concentration is a gift that one gives oneself toward further self-discovery and fulfillment.

Yokohama yoga, English yoga, yoga studio, private yoga lesson

Junko & Phil (Private)

As we continue our classes, there is a shift in body awareness, all the way to the tips of our fingers. And we definitely feel sore afterwards!

During yoga, nothing else bothers our mind and we can just focus. That gives us so much joy.

Chami understands our physical ability, so she can lead us to the edges of our potential. Even though there may be others in the room she leads in a way that helps you immerse yourself in your own experience.

Whether it's a private class or with friends, even with your pet, or if you're new to yoga or have previous experience, you can enjoy yoga in a down-to-earth way, like a casual stroll in the park.

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