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いのちあふれる Feeling Alive






When I look around, there is green all around. Starting from the new pots of herbs on our balcony to the park across the street, when I take a deep breath, I smell the scent of new leaves, a bit earthy and raw. The flowers alongside the little street I walk to get to the station blooms from one type to another, each color ever so vibrant and captivating. It's a glorious season, and it's easy to feel my senses being drawn out by the outside world.

To feel what I'm feeling. It's such a simple thing, but I know I'm not always present. It's easy to take in information, especially visual, without really stopping to sense what I'm feeling. If I'm on a train and watch the ads roll by on the screen, I know if I stopped, I'm feeling anxious and inadequate, or frustrated and upset but what is being propagated through the ads. But I don't feel and I often just watch like a zombie, letting my brain fill up with information but not really engaging with myself in that process.

The other day, I experienced Rolfing, a type of myofascial release therapy, for the first time. It was a new experience, completely different from deep tissue massage or chiropractic treatments I've often had. With this unique fascia releasing technique, a lot of time is spent in one spot, your body part under gentle pressure, more like holding. Because of the lack of strong stimulus, I was able to be attuned to the subtle sensations. A sense of relief. Warmth. My muscle shifting. And to correspond to that, a deep sigh arose. I felt alive, full of life, like there was water and energy flowing up and down my body. I also was able to feel the body parts I had stopped feeling, due to tightness.

The word life may seem like a vague concept, like the life you live. But it's so important to relish those moments of feeling alive. Full of life. Some of those moments might be ecstatic electric moments, like nature and flowers. And some may be subtle and gentle and grounding, like the Rolfing experience. Being attuned to these moments help us live in the moment, fully alive, fully human.

When do you feel alive?

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