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よい終わり、そしてよい始まり Ending Well, Into the New












Having lived in so many different countries and places growing up, I would say the most important thing I learned is ending well. Goodbyes were always hard and heart-breaking, but I learned to take time and express my feelings and gratitude to the people I met there, or to significant or sacred places. By saying goodbye and letting go, I knew I was making space for the new and freeing myself to move on.

An end of the year isn't as dramatic as relocation, but it is an end. (And this year marks the end of the decade!) So I invite you to stop for a moment and ask yourself these questions with me. I truly believe when you end well, you're cultivating capacity for new experiences and growth in the next year. You can also choose to ask these questions about the last decade and the next decade to come.

1. What name would you like to give to this past year?

2. What new discovering and encounters did you have?

3. Who were there to support you and love you?

4. What do you want to let go of that you no longer need in the new year? (This could be an actual thing, relationship, belief, etc.)

5. What name would you like to give to the coming new year?

6. What do you want to be intentional about to make it a good year?

May all we received this year through our life and yoga practice become tools for cultivating the new year with intentionality. And may we all listen to our inner wisdom, to really prioritize what is most important.

To the light in you, the light in me bows. Namaste.

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