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  • 執筆者の写真Chami

光を見つける Finding the Light





  • 今年一年、私にとって特に大切で愛おしかった人たちは?

  • 私に活力とエネルギーを与えてくれた発見や体験は?

  • 私を不安定にしたり戸惑わせた考え方や体験は?

  • 危なかったな、自分にとってよくない方向へ行くところだったな、と思ったことは?

  • 辛かったけれど、それを通して成長したなと思うことは?

  • 後悔していることは?

  • 受け取った大切なもの(目に見えるもので見えないものでも)は?

(Anthony de Mello Praying Body and Soul より抜粋)


As the days get darker and colder, it's easier to get cozy and snuggle up with a cup of hot drink and a book, than to go around doing things. I now realize this is so normal, just like the natural world letting go, dying down, and being still. But the speed of our daily life doesn't necessarily slow down. In fact, it's busier during this time, and easier to be swept away by the holiday over-consumption and the harried way of over-packed schedule.

In times like that, it's so helpful to make the time you need to reflect upon this past year. When it's easy to make plans and look forward to things, you may be surprised at all the gems peppered in this past year's experience that you've forgotten about. I invite you to take sometime to make a good cup of your favorite warm drink, turn on some grounding music, snuggle up in a blanket, open up your journal, and reflect on the following questions. I will! And when we reflect, may we see the light that has been there all the way, holding us, guiding us.


these are the people who have been dear to me...

these are the ideas and experiences that have brought me energy...

these are the concepts and experiences that have tripped me up...

these are the dangers I have flirted with...

these are the sufferings that have matured me...

these are the regrets I have...

these are the gifts I have received...

(from Antony de Melo: Praying Body and Soul)

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