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心が生き返るとき Our Soul Revives with Beauty



リトリートでJohn O'Donohueという詩人が書いた詩や文を読んだ。その中のひとこと:




#ヨガは生き方 #リトリート #美しさを見つけよう #心のケア


At the end of March, I made time for a personal retreat. A much needed personal retreat. When I got to the small airbnb apartment, unpacked my suitcase, and finally lit a candle on the coffee table, tears rolled down my face. When had I become so weary and empty?

I often ignore what my body is telling me. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that I don't have margin in my life to even really hear or feel my body as I move from one thing to the next. But at that little apartment by the beach, as my body started slumping even during the day, I listened and lay down. As I sat by the beach and just watched the waves rolling in and out, I acknowledged how tired my heart was.

During the retreat, I read a lot of John O'Donohue's words. And here's one that struck me:

"The soul dwells where beauty lives."(from Divine Beauty)

Ah. That's what I was missing. Beauty. Not just external beauty, but the mindset to see beauty, to uncover beauty, to believe this world is beautiful. I know in my mind that my ordinary life has much beauty. The gaze of the one you love. The little flower on the roadside. Music I listen to as I do the dishes. The smile of the baby as I pass by. But when my heart becomes weary, I stop seeing beauty. And when that happens, the heart becomes even more chaffed.

When I'm in that place, I really need the call of the beautiful from outside of myself. Nature. Ocean. Art. Music. A little beach town I've never been to. When I place myself in that environment, my heart starts to feel again and my eyes are opened to see beauty again. After all, to see beauty is not really just about your eyes, but flows out of the inner belief that the soul dwells where beauty lives.





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