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  • 執筆者の写真Chami

心の声を聞くListening to Your Inner Voice







When the days are so hot and I get tired, it's hard to know what I even want. I might randomly do things without being mindful, or do things just because I think I should.

SHOULD. What a word. But it dictates so much of my life without me even realizing. Even when practicing yoga, when I start to listen to this word, I get panicky. My poses SHOULD look like this. My life SHOULD be more mindful. I SHOULD work harder on yoga. Fear and insecurity partnering up is not a good sign.

It was one of those days. I was in shavaasana, my final resting pose, not feeling rested. But I took a couple of deep breaths, relaxed my body, and started to truly feel. Then I heard my heart speak to me: " I need you to be fully here, fully present. That's your gift to the world."

Just being here, all of me, being enough. And I knew with my whole being that that was the voice of truth. No judgment, condemnation, spurring me on, but simple holding, accepting, trusting in my presence being sacred.

If you truly stop and listen, your heart will speak. And you will know the difference between your "ego" speaking and the voice of truth. It's what helps you be free, to be you. So. Stop and listen. What do you need right now? To rest? To let go? To have courage and try? To have a whimsical play time? To cry with all you've got? To forgive? To tell someone you love them? Listen. And then go do it. (Or don't do it!)





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