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言葉が意味を失うとき Are My Words Shallow?


呼吸とつながりましょう。心を自由に。全てのものと一つになる。今自分がここにいると確認します。 (English below)








________________________________________When I teach yoga, it's so easy to get use to certain phrases. Connect. Find freedom. Become one. Be here and now.

These are all words that have come out of my inner journey over the last few years, and they have found new life in my yoga journey as I have worked with my breath and body. But words are scary things. It's so easy for them to become simply external, shells with nothing inside. A good example is when we say "I love you" casually, just because that's what we say when we part ways for the day or go to bed.

What do the phrases that I mentioned mean to me? I got a little nervous, wondering if they've simply become cliches. When I asked myself, these were the answers...

Connect: To bring my awareness back to my breath. To remember my senses and my body. To recognize my fears and insecurities.

Freedom: That moment when I'm walking and I feel so joyful to be ME! I am alive, and I look at others with love and compassion. I am me and that's who I want to be more than anyone else in the world.

Oneness: A deep connection with others, art, nature, and also with the part of myself that I usually look down on. Maybe it's similar to deep empathy. It's also that settled place where I connect with myself within, perhaps during prayer or meditation.

Being here: To be free from worries and planning. To be focused and enjoy what I'm doing. Like gazing into the eyes of the one you love. Or when I can laugh off a silly mistake. When I'm able to stop and breathe deeply.

Rather than definitions, I guess they are all real life experiences that I help me relate to the four phrases. When I periodically return to the essence of the words I say, I can prevent being carried off by the shallow exterior of "yoga rhetoric." Returning to myself: after all, it's only from there I can love myself and others.





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