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  • 執筆者の写真Chami

The Breath Song


The long holiday is here (in Japan)! The new imperial era is starting! There seems to be a lot of excitement and buzz in the air. But there are things that are unchanging, there for us, whether we realize it or now. Our breath. Our spirit. This earth. May this song, sung in Plum Village started by mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, be a gift for you this holiday.

Breathing in, Breathing out (x2)

息は入り 息は出てゆく

I am blooming as a flower

I am fresh as the dew

I am solid as a mountain

I am firm as the earth

私は花 こぼれる 露の きらめき

私は山 ゆるがぬ大地 空を見てる

I am free 自由

Breathing in, Breathing out (x2)

息は入り 息は出てゆく

I am water reflecting

what is real, what is true

And I know there is space

Deep inside of me

水面に映る 空のすべて

この胸のpはるか 奥にひろがる世界

I am free (x3) 自由



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