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  • 執筆者の写真Chami

ヨガと気候危機 Climate Crisis and Yoga




●DAY1【20分でわかる!温暖化のホント】 ●DAY2 【20分でわかる!温暖化ってヤバいの?】地球温暖化のリアル圧縮版② ●DAY3 【20分でわかる!じゃあ、どうしたらいいの?】地球温暖化のリアル圧縮版③

ちなみに、我が家ではできるシンプルなこととして再生可能エネルギーの電力会社を使っています。興味がある場合はこちら: (ここには載っていないですが、自宅では湘南電力、夫の教室ではオクトパスエナジーを使ってます)乗り換えは簡単ですよ〜。

I'm sure there are many reasons for why people start yoga. For fitness, wellbeing, releasing stress, meditation, a calm mind. I started yoga because I liked the sense of feeling connected to my inner self, like I was able to come home to myself. As I furthered my practice and studied more, I realized that yoga, which means "union" (classically with the ultimate reality, I see it more as a sense of connectedness with all things) really empowers us to seek the wellbeing of others. A sense of happiness and joy, and easing my own suffering, then flows out to do the same for others. It's sometimes hard to not feel guilty or do things out of obligation, which is how I've often lived my life. It's a practice to come back to what is true within, and then to seek to live it out from a place of freedom and joy.

And with that spirit, I want to share 3 videos that were very helpful in understanding climate crisis. It's in Japanese, so it's more for Japanese speakers, but if you're interested in doing something for the climate, there's a wonderful resource called "The Week" where we can watch a video and discuss about how we can be engaged. It's in English, and I'm looking for people to share it with. If you'd like to join a small group, please let me know and we can make it happen.

Also, if you're interested in changing your electricity company to a renewable source of energy, let me know and I can share about the two companies we use (one at home, and a different one at my husband's work place).

I hope that I can generate more discussion around climate crisis and how we can come together, with our beautiful Mother Earth, to find more wholeness and healing.





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