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奥深くにある願い Tapping into your Deep Desire


Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was full of new encounters and changes. I am so thankful for every person I met along the way, especially through yoga. (English below)






There is this moment when I'm teaching yoga that I am profoundly touched by what I am doing. It's when all of you are in shavasana, having let go of all striving and deep breathing, vulnerable, and I get to lay my hands with loving intention as I press your chest and shoulders open. When I am focusing on that one person, and sending my energy, that's when I know that THIS is why I am doing what I'm doing.

As I welcomed in the new year, I took some time to listen to what theme was rising out of me. Last year was "radical freedom." And I did have the opportunity to ground myself, and to fly with freedom of being myself. This year is "Open Courage". Whenever I envision doing something new, there is always a voice that says, "You can't do it." I need to remind myself over and over, that what I need is always within, and all I need to do is to return to that place and start walking from there. For that to happen, I need an open heart and inner courage.

How has your new beginning been? Resolutions and wishes are great, now take time to dig in deeper to see what lies beyond those resolutions and wishes. Your wish for happiness may be an outer layer of a deeper wish for feeling true peace and being at home in yourself. To get into the school or company of your choice may be the surface desire of a deeper wish, to walk the path of living out who you are with courage. If there are thoughts about relationships or family, perhaps the deeper wish is to be accepted and loved. Once you've glimpsed that, you can now think, how can I live to make that a reality? That's when our wishes and desires become active steps we take, how we co-create our own lives.

So. Even though none of us know what this year will bring... may this year be full of beautiful people, true words, and places of peace for you!





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