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  • 執筆者の写真Chami

光が生まれるとき Light is Born Again

昨日は冬至。一年で一番日が短いこの日は、太陽が生まれ変わる日ともされている。日が短くなって寒くなって、植物も枯れて冷たい風が吹く最近、冬の意味について考える。新しい命からはほど遠いと思われる冬だけれど、でもいらないものを手放すことは、次のものが生まれる準備をすることだと思う。だから、冬は、春に向かう前に必ず通らなければいけない大切な季節なのだ。(English below)








Yesterday was winter solstice. This day is considered the day when the sun is born again. As the shortest day of the year has passed, and all the plants are dying and the cold wind blowing, I often think about the season of winter. The necessity of winter. It seems so far from life, from spring, but we need winter to clear up what we no longer need, so we can prepare for life again.

The year is coming to an end. We do a big "winter cleaning" here in Japan, but do we take time to clear away the clutters of our hearts? This season is so busy, with various events, work that needs to be done before the end of the year, and then preparing for the coming year. But it's so so important to have time to reflect, to give thanks, and let go. Let go of what no longer serves you, and to give thanks for the beautiful things you've received, those moments of being alive or having learned profound things.

The last relaxation yoga class flowed out of the theme of light. Light dies, and light is born. Out of the dark night, the light starts to shine again, small at first, but surely. Just as the sun is reborn on winter solstice.

I read through my journal from this past year, and a recurring theme was this:

There is something that only I can offer, and that can only come out of me being who I truly am made to be.

How much time I spend comparing, or forcing myself to do things based on must's and should's. But where I return is always the same. To be who I truly am, to once again look into the light that I can only find there, and to share that light with others. This truth, I have received so many times this year through nature and yoga.

As this year ends, what is on your heart? Maybe darkness, maybe light. Both are necessary, both need attention. I hope you can have time to reflect, to let go, and give thanks, for another year, so we may fully welcome in the new.



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