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私と一緒にいて Come Be Here with Me

(参加者の人が撮影した屋上からの朝日 A video of the sunrise taken by a participant)





Last weekend marked the second onsen yoga retreat this year. With COVID, it's been a tumultuous year for everyone, and the need for tools for self care and a space to retreat more important than ever. For many who participated, they talked about their need for self care, or to experience the non-ordinary. We also focused on meditation as a theme, and it was my joy and honor to be able to share about why we meditate, how it impacts us, and how to encourage the practice. These are all things I'm passionate about but don't often have the time to share in my regular classes.

The word retreat means to, well, retreat. From your everyday life. But also to retreat into your physical senses, to become aware of what is happening in this moment. New experiences and a different surrounding are both helpful for this retreat, but there needs to be an element of intentionality for it to be a successful retreat. Our body is sensing many things as we live, but our mind is often in the future or in the past. But if we listen carefully, our body is calling to our mind: "Come be here with me."

It was with this call in mind that we focused on our breath as our anchor, or mindfully walked the pavement to experience the sensation, or to notice what's happening as we wrote down words that were flowing. We also practiced this in mindful body flow, as well as in static poses, bringing awareness to physical sensation and the breath.

What set this retreat apart for me was that I felt a certain sense of ease and groundedness as I led. I was simply sharing out of who I am and my own practice, as imperfect and as still-in-the-process it is. And I also felt supported by everyone who was present. I'm always in awe at who ends up gathering at these events. There will be no other retreats with these exact people gathered together, yet here we were, together, to hold the space for each other so that we can each return to this moment.

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