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後悔しない No Regrets

「今週今までのことを全て一つ置いておいて...」よくヨガのクラスを始めるに当たって、そんな促しをする。でも、全て置いておくことってすごく大変だと思う。振り返ってしまうと、後悔が溢れてくる。もっとこうすればよかった。(English below...)



#ヨガは生き方 #後悔しない #自分の道


"Let go of everything that's happened this week..." It's my usual prompt at the beginning of a yoga class. But it's so hard to do that! And when we make the mistake of starting to think about this week, or even that day, regrets flood our mind. "I should have..."

It's so easy to be occupied by how we could have done something better. And sometimes, mindless decisions could have been better made with more intentionality. But what if you thought through and took a step of faith, and wish you could have done things differently? The outcome wasn't what you expected?

It's empowering to remember: I can only see what I see now because I took that step, made that decision. We're at a different bend in the road, and now we see with a fresh perspective about our past action. And our response? To not regret, but choose the best thing for the next step from our current standing point. Because that really is the only way we can walk on with our life, sometimes through rabbit trails, but our life path non-the-less.



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